Chiara Biancheri
fractal illustrator

About Me

My name is Chiara and Iím a 28 years old italian architect with the hobby of digital graphics. My greatest passion is creating fractal images, Iíve been using Apophysis since late 2008 and tried several other fractal generating software later after.

I graduated in Architecture at the University of Genoa and Iím currently living and working in Milan. I enjoy creating my fractals in my spare time, and sometimes do some freelance graphic work.

I mainly use Apophysis, an open source fractal flame editor and renderer, to create my images: I started with version 2.02 and tried almost all the following ones up to 2.09, then I switched to version 7X.

You're not allowed to use my images for commercial purposes, to sell them and/or to modify them.
Feel free to send me an email (it may take some days to me to reply). Unless your project is no-profit, please don't contact me for free work, I don't do that
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